Monday, September 14, 2009

Unregistered Undogs

Since August 24 the dog police of Cairns, Australia, have been on a campaign to register the estimated 2000 unregistered canines in the region. Council officers can issue $200 payment notices if they hear barking, or see bowls, pet feces, or toys. As of September 5, 1397 notices had been doled out. Unfortunately, 61 of them (4%), were given to people who don't own dogs.

Cairns is located on the extended pinkie finger of northeastern Australia. Aside from dog registrations, its largest sources of revenue are tourism (because of its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef), and sugar production (because of its proximity to sugar).

Among the 61 non-dog owners are 45 who had dog warning signs on their gate, several cat owners who left their cat's water bowls outside, a budgie owner, and a woman with a collection of fiberglass animals (pictured).

No fines from the 1397 notices had been enforced as of September 5.

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