Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pity the Fool

Sue Erzen ran off an armed robber with a can of Raid.

Wait, it gets better.

Sue Erzen (pictured) is 86 years old, and shuffles when she walks. She was at home with her daughter (also pictured), 69 year old Dorothy Williams when 26 year old admitted gang member Alex Fowler (not pictured) walked in and threatened to kill them if they didn't hand over their purses.

Erzen grabbed the can of Raid and fought back.

"Yeah, I was going to spray him right in his face if I could have got to him," she said, but at the sight of the bug spray, the attacker fled.

BTW: 26 year old Alex Fowler has "Crip for Life" tattooed on the back of his neck. I'm thinking the Crips may want their tattoo back.

Video of their interview with Fox affiliate in Houston is included below. Or to the left, depending on the size of your browser window. Worth a gander, regardless, if just to see Erzen's threatening walk.

Jasper Newsboy
Beaumont Enterprise (via News of the Weird)
My Fox Houston

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