Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Trash

Speaking of trash, this Temple of Trash was created by Salzig Design for the Follydock IFCR, the International Folly Contest Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2007.

The Heijplaat section of Rotterdam and the surrounding ports are due to be re-developed over the next 20 years. In the meantime the IFCR took advantage of the open space to have contest to build some light-hearted structures. Entries included the Temple of Trash and the and the Ned Earth Land (play on the word Netherlands, doncha know), by the Hermanitos Verdes Architetti firm, pictured below.

The Temple of Trash is made of over 100 tons of compressed plastic bottles. It is 7 meters high, 25 meters long, 10 meters wide, and is surrounded by 1500 red, yellow, and orange flowers.

Hermanitos Verde Architetti
Salzig Design
Follydock IFCR (via Neatorama)

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