Thursday, September 24, 2009

Miruko Robotic Eye

Teachers used to have eyes in the back of their heads, now they can wear them on their arms as well.

This is really cool in a scary futuristic sort of way - though I guess the future is now. Taking advantage of face recognition technology similar to the way the Sony Party Shot does (thanks Mr. Chadwick), the Miruko wearable robotic eye is more portable, more sci-fi, and definitely more creepy.

It's a mutant fashion statement.

As you can see from the video you wear it on your arm. While you walk around it watches things you can't (or your significant other won't allow you to) look at. It can track faces in general, or look for a particular face, as it does with the iPod game in the video. I'm sure it can be trained to look for other things as well.

The implications of the technology are terrifying, of course, but we old people terrify easily. Airport security checks are an obvious use, but you've got to think spies and assassins, and gang members, and your mother getting hold of the technology, don't you? Throw in a little software that age-adjusts an old photo and you got yourself a nasty little machine for recognizing anyone you have a picture of. (BTW: I claim copyright on all story plots having to do with robots, eyes, aging, spies, and terrified old people. They are all my idea. MINE MINE MINE.)

And I'm sure the young and libidinous can come up with all sorts of beach-time applications.

So what can we curmudgeons do to stop the march of progress? Nothing. But at least now our paranoia is justified.

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