Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Car Stories

First we take you to the most visual story. A broken water main caused flooding in Los Angeles. The fire truck responding to the problem was swallowed up by a sinkhole created by the broken main. None of the firefighters on the truck was injured. More pictures here.

Second, we have the story of 40 year old Allen Schroeder of Topeka, Kansas, who while crossing the US24 bridge over Soldier Creek hit the guardrail (not pictured), over-compensated, crossed over the highway and through the guardrail (pictured), became airborne, but didn't quite clear the guardrail on the bridge carrying traffic the other direction (27 feet away), but did hit it hard enough to expose the rebar, then fell 39 feet into Soldier Creek which is 10 to 15 feet deep at that point. Surviving all this, Schroeder then climbed out of the sinking van and swam to shore. The sum of his injuries: some shoulder pain. Kind of reminiscent of The Stunt Man, a movie which I bet none of you have seen.

And finally we have the only death of this post, that of 90 year old Lonnie Holloway of Saluda, South Carolina, who was buried in his car along with several rifles and six handguns. I include this story mostly because I've never seen a video of an auto burial before. BTW: for safety's sake, Holloway was buckled up when he was buried.

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