Tuesday, September 8, 2009

News Flash: Sarkozy Is Not Tall

It's an internet sensation! Everything seems to be an internet sensation these days. One of the latest is a video of French president Nicolas Sarkozy visiting the Faurecia car plant in Caligny, France. The to-do is because it seems that Sarkozy is trying to look taller by selecting only short workers to stand on stage with him.

The video is of a newscast from the Belgian station RTBF, and for those who don't speak French, here is a translation of the offending passage where the reporter speaks with a woman who was on stage behind Sarkozy:

Journalist: "I am told you have been chosen because of your size, is this true?"   
Woman: "Yes"
Journalist: "You must not be bigger than the president?"
Woman: "That's right."

The scandal! The Socialists are mocking him, Faurecia's management is denying that short workers were selected. It's a wonder Sarkozy doesn't resign in disgrace.

Sarkozy is about 5' 5", and is known to wear high shoes to increase his stature. The heights of other European leaders are not currently available.

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