Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peter Jansen Sculptures

It's not often that sculptors get written up in Desktop Engineering, but, as you can see from the photo, Peter Jansen's works are not typical sculptures. While most sculptures capture a single moment in time, his Human Motions sculptures capture bodies in motion.

Jansen, of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, studied physics and philosophy, and guided survival tours before taking up sculpting 20 years ago.

His Human Motions sculptures are computer rendered, something that would have been impossible to do on computers two decades ago but now (if he's careful), it's manageable. He also has another series of sculptures based on the strange attractors of Chaos theory, using the software package.

If you go to the page for the Chaotic Flow Lobster there's a link for an animation (has to be downloaded, so I couldn't embed it).

Nifty stuff. Certainly qualifies him for Artist of the Week.

This is the site for his Human Motions work, and here is the one for his Strange Attractors.

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