Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nerf 40th Anniversary (Thank You Reyn Guyer)

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Nerf ball. The first ball that was really designed to be played with indoors, it was a boon for me in my childhood, getting me out of that foul California sunshine and into our dark hovel of a home. (Well, it was dark when you closed all the curtains.) The inventor, Reyn Guyer, took the Nerf ball to toy makers at Milton Bradley, who promptly turned them down, but Parker Brothers picked up the mantle and marketed the original Nerf ball in 1969, complete with flower-child packaging. Nerf products have come a long way. The online catalog lists 123 different family friendly Nerf products like footballs and machine guns.
Aside from developing the original Nerf ball, Guyer was also involved in developing Twister. After his daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, he formed a company that produces the Sonday line of learning products. He is also a founder of Wrensong Music. Not everything he touches turns to gold, however. The Children's Television Workshop turned down his Curly Lasagna concept for some show called Barney.

In conclusion, I give you the Great Office War video. Thanks for the fun, Reyn Guyer.

Reyn Guyer
Winsor Learning
Wrensong Music

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