Thursday, September 10, 2009

Felonious Possession of Handcuff Keys

Michael Gonzales was arrested on August 16 for harassing women on the beach. He was charged with intoxication, marijuana possession, and two counts of felony handcuff key possession.

Prosecutor Barbara Teresa Govea explained to a surprised Judge John Thornton that it is an actual felony. The Florida Legislature enacted the law after two Tampa deputies and a state trooper were killed in 1998 by a murderer who was being detained for shooting a 4 year old boy, and who got out of his cuffs using a handcuff key on a necklace.

Gonzales was charged under code 843.021.c.2 for the possession of concealed handcuff keys. The charge carries a maximum term of five years. It is not clear why prosecutors felt Gonzales' actions on the beach (pictured) warranted the felony charge.

The good news is that the BDSM community need not be concerned as long as their keys are not concealed.

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