Thursday, October 15, 2009

Calendar Controversies

(May be NSFW, but don't get your hopes up.)

Wow. Look at all the calendar stories...

Apparently there are only 11 good looking girls in Switzerland. A furor has erupted over a sexy Swiss farm-girl calendar because it has come out that one of the girls is German. Miss April, the German Johanna Sänger says, "I love animals, which is why I agreed to be in the calendar," but at least one of her co-models had this to say, "There was no reason for them to take a German girl."

Then there are the rival coffin manufacturers Lindner (left) from Poland and Cofanifunebri (right) from Italy who are fighting over which of them was the first casket maker to issue a coffin girls calendar. Says Barthosz Lindner, "Our Polish girls are prettier and our coffins are better and more exclusive," while a Cofanifunebri spokesman counters with "We also produce a 'fashion line' of coffins including ones in the colours of the city's football teams AS Roma and Lazio," which really makes as much sense as anything else, I suppose.

And finally, because I'm already on the subject of death calendars and I don't really want to be branded a misogynist (again), I give you the Men of Mortuaries calendar, an attempt to bury the stigmas and stereotypes of morticians by (apparently), turning them into firemen.

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