Friday, September 25, 2009

Bikini Baristas: The Gray Line of Black Coffee

I am shocked, shocked that acts of titillation are going on at the bikini barista stands in Everett, Washington.

Lingerie espresso stands. Bikini baristas. Sexpresso.

Having pushed the gray line of acceptable public behavior a bit too far, five female baristas have been charged with prostitution by the Everett police. Accusations of nudity and acts which are at least titillating if not downright sexual come after a three month investigation. The Everett Herald article does not mention how many detectives volunteered to work this investigation.

I don't know how it is in your area, but around here the bikini barista stands are ubiquitous. Sex sells, especially the marginal sex, the sex that is just barely acceptable. It's why you're reading this article. Right now the 2nd and 3rd most popular articles on my blog are the Swedish Military Bra Crisis, and Attack of the Artfully Displayed 50 foot Women.

The issues started coming to a head last year in Bonney Lake, not far from Everett, where a protest was organized objecting to an espresso stand that changed over to a bikini format (news article with embedded video of cute baristas). According to the owner, the bikini format seemed to be more profitable.

Although there are some of you who are strongly against this, most of you aren't. It's too close to the social norm. After all, as the girls say, for the most part the bikinis are nothing you wouldn't see at the beach or at the Wild Waves water park (the picture on the left is from the Wild Waves site, by the way).

While the lewd behavior may be punishable under the same laws that apply to lewd homeless men in overcoats, I think it's going to be hard to make the prostitution charges stick. It's just too close to the gray line.

Maybe most enlightening is not the Herald article itself, but the comments it generated:
This article talks about the women being paid to flash or strip. Is that prostitution? If it is, if there was a charity event where men auctioned themselves to the highest bidder and the money goes to charity, and then men went on a date with the women who won the bid and they kissed, would that be illegal?

They didn't even sell sexual intercourse, just sexual behavior! Now they're being punished, being called prostitutes? This is why even though I don't support prostitution, I think it should be decriminalized.

I left the biz while it was still considered a fun, easy way to make a LOT of money, NOT something you need an "entertainers permit" (aka: stripper permit) to work at a mocha stand...but the whip cream licking, butt & boob grabbing for money IS basically prostitution.

I understand that they are enforcing the law, so for that reason I won't join in the feeding frenzy. I would like to see the bigger issue be addressed eventually the see the goverment step out of some of the "moral" issues and let people make some of thier own decisions.

Frankly, there are a lot more comments in support of the girls than against them. If you have a different opinion you should post and make your opinion heard. This is the internet age. Take advantage of your ability to voice your thoughts.

Me, I have no opinion. I'm just driving people to my blog with pictures of scantily clad women. Everyone else does it.

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