Thursday, September 17, 2009

Extreme Body Piercing

These two stories just seem to go together.

On the right, we have Jian Liao who was on the track in Guilin, China, when a classmates errant javelin toss pierced his knee. The EMTs first tried to cut the javelin off with bolt cutters, but the motion caused Jian excrutiating pain, so instead they set fire to the javelin and burned in half which looks dangerous (probably is dangerous), but didn't cause Jian any pain.

And to the left we have Hu Zhuyin who was working at a building site in Qingdao, China when he slipped while climbing a scaffolding and impaled himself on a crowbar. The crowbar missed his aorta by only a centimeter.

Firefighters had to cut through the bar so the Hu could lie flat before doctors were able to operate.

Rough day to be Chinese, eh?

Austrian Times (javelin photo)
Croatian Times (crowbar photo)

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