Monday, September 14, 2009

Unarmed Robbery

John Smith has been sentenced to twelve month youth custody for his part in a £175,000 jewelry store robbery from last December. Showing some signs of poor planning, Smith, an 18 year old with only stumps below his elbows, was designated as the getaway driver.

After three accomplices smashed an Ernest Jones window display, they all piled into a Ford Focus and sped off with the police in pursuit. The chase covered 30 miles and reached speeds of over 100 mph, and in spite of a crash when entering the Blackwall Tunnel, the car did not stop until it was pinned against the tunnel wall by police cruisers.

At one point other gang members were shifting gears for Smith.

Smith cannot dress himself and lives at home with his mother.

Smith's accomplices were also sentenced. Tyrone Tassell, 21, got a 32 months; Sunni Sacco, 19, got two years in a juvenile prison; and Craig Phillips, who sat in court sucking his thumb, was spared jail, getting two years supervision with six months of electronic tagging.

The really unbelievable thing is that they got a Ford Focus to go 100 mph.

Daily Mail (via Metro UK)
London Evening Standard

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