Monday, September 14, 2009

Holy Moly, Where's the Stoli

Last month it was $10,000 worth of cucumbers in Adelaide. This month it's $600,000 worth of vodka in Sydney.

Theives broke into a business in the Sydney suburb of Lidcombe and used a semi to haul off an entire shipping container of vodka, 17,400 bottles worth.  They broke in about 1 o'clock Sunday morning, loaded up the container, and  drove out through the back fence.

Although it sounds like saying "lint comb" when you've got a cold, Lidcombe (post office pictured) is actually a working class suburb of Sydney at the junction of three railway lines: Richmond/Emu Plain, Bankstown, and Liverpool.

Lidcombe used to be known as Rockwood, and the Rockwood Cemetary just to the north of Lidcombe, is currently the largest cemetery in the southern hemisphere. Not wanting their town to be associated with the cemetery, in 1913 the townsfolk combined the names of their sitting mayor, Mr. Larcombe, and previous mayor, Mr. Lidbury to create the new town name of Lidcombe.

If you know the whereabouts of the stolen vodka please call the Lidcombe police as they would like to know where the party is taking place, too.


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