Friday, September 4, 2009

Edible Religious Figures

Gao Xianzhang of China has spent the last six years perfecting his method for producing Buddha shaped pears and is now preparing them for export to the UK and Europe.

The pears are created by wrapping them in a plastic mold to restrict their growth. Gao has produced 10,000 pears this year which are selling briskly in spite of the high price of £5 each.

Growing fruit and vegetables in molds is nothing new, as you can see from this article about John Czeski who did it with pumpkins in 1938.

Says Gao: "People seem to think they are cute or lucky and will buy them as soon as they're off the tree."

Buddha is not the only major religious figure available in edible form, of course, there is also the chocolate Jesus, as well as whole line of iconic chocolates from Alma Chocolate.

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