Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tiger Wingwalker

There was a time when baseball players did not use gloves. There was a time when hockey goalies did not wear masks. In these safety conscious days (or is it just litigation consciousness?), we wear all manner of safety equipment and force our children to do the same.
However, some parents have a slightly different attitude.
Meet Zoe and Happy Birthday (née Colin) Brewer and their world record holding son, Tiger of Notting Hill in West London. That's a picture of Tiger wingwalking; the pilot is his grandfather, Vic Norman of AeroSuperBatics. Tiger is eight years old and is now the record holder as the world's youngest wingwalker. The previous record holder was Guy Mason, son of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, who was 11 at the time of his wingwalk.
And as for safety equipment? “You don’t have a parachute, just a pair of goggles,” says Tiger.
PS: you can be a wingwalker, too, if you like:
Update: here's a wild wingwalking picture (thanks Don!)

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