Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pinkelstein Partay!

The story has come down through the ages that in 1787 W. A. Mozart, then 31 and far closer to death than anyone realized, stopped in Raschala, Austria on his way to Prague in order to pee. At least that's the story told by Helmut Leierer since 1975, and he's sticking to it. In fact, in 1976 the town installed a plaque on the stone Mozart peed on, the now world famous Pinkelstein. Then, the thinking went, if you needed to pee something, what would you pee? "Beer" came back the obvious answer with "anything else alcoholic" a close second. Wishing to emulate the great musician and needing an excuse to imbibe (in order to pee), Raschala is now putting on a (wink, wink) "Music" festival where alcoholic beverages will be consumed in mass (<- German joke) quantities. Here's a link to the story, but, of course, it's in German.

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