Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 Egg Throwing World Championships

In the continuing vein of food as weapons we bring you the 2009 Egg Throwing Championships. The championships are put on by the World Egg Throwing Federation. Oh, this is more than just your old picnic throw and catch. There are several variations including (but not limited to):
  • Target Throwing (where some poor sap is the "volunteer" target).
  • Russian Roulette (two foreheads, six eggs, five of them boiled).
  • The Trebuchet Challenge (a variation on Target Throwing using a mideival seige weapon).
This is a video of the 2009 Championships. For other videos go here.
The championships take place in association with the Swaton Vintage Day auto show, but there is no word yet on the scheduled date for the 2010, so I'll just pass this link on to you.
Oh, and for those of you who are, uh, titillated by trebuchets, you may want to read this article about reenacting the Battle of La Margarita ;)

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