Sunday, August 30, 2009

Suicidal Cows of Switzerland

The happy cows are in California, the suicidal ones in Switzerland.

The cows around the idyllic Swiss town of Lauterbrunnen - and I do mean idyllic, look at that picture to the left - are hurling themselves off a cliff. Twenty-eight cows in three days. Because the rotting corpses threaten to contaminate the local water supply, mountain rescue workers were called in to the inaccessible location to remove the bodies by helicopter. The potential causes for the mass suicide are myriad (high school kids spiking the water with Kool Aid, a new bovine strain of the Lemming Flu, general economic malaise), but nothing is yet known for sure. If anyone has a clue, give the Lauterbrunnen police a ring at 555-YODL.

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