Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Now this is Real Star Wars Stuff. Back before George Lucas fell in love with courtiers and namby-pamby councils Star Wars was about manly survival in hostile conditions, and none of these conditions were more manly and hostile than the Jack London-esque planet Hoth. Remember the Wampa? Remember Han going out to search for Luke? Remember how Han kept Luke warm through the frozen Hoth night?

Yes indeed, hailing from an age when The Empire Strikes Back was a sequel (and not Episode V - phthah!), we have the Tauntaun sleeping bag from Think Geek. Now you to can split open the belly of an other-worldy biped with your plush light-saber zipper and warm yourself in the intestines of the deceased beast. Better yet, you can get your nieces and nephews to revel in the grossness of it all - quieter than a drumset, and yet somehow more disturbing: the perfect gift for other people's children.

If only Glade would come out with Tauntaun Entrail scented oil plug-ins the experience would be complete.

Think Geek (via Fark)

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