Friday, October 9, 2009

Hilton Hilton

The police seem to have misplaced Pvt. Terrance Hilton at the Denver International Airport. He was last seen Wednesday in the custody of two federal police officers wearing a dark hoodie, shorts, and wrist manacles (Hilton, not the police).

Loretta Beauvais, a spokesman for the Denver Police, said she was unsure how Hilton managed to evade not only his federal escorts but police and airport security. "All we know is that he ran off," she said.

Beauvais said the Hilton has gone AWOL before, and that was why he was in custody, but Hilton does not have a history of violence, which begs the question, do we really want non-violent soldiers in the military?

In other Hilton-related news, Paris Hilton (no relation) has just picked up one of the trendiest pets, a toy (sized) pot-bellied pig. Just thought you'd want to know, that's all.

ABC News (photo)
Paris Her Bad Self (photo)

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