Monday, October 19, 2009

The McFarthest Spot

How far away can you get from a McDonald's in the lower 48? Go ahead, make your guess.

Stephen von Worley, a photographer out of Santa Cruz, California has produced an awesomely depressing display of the pervasiveness of McDonald's in the United States.

I tell you I've got to spend some more time on this guy's blog. He does a great job of helping you visualize concepts (like how far away you are from McDonald's).

His two most recent posts are "Of Mason and Dixon", where he compares online word usage between New England and the deep south, and "Storing Your Value", where he discusses the pros and cons of different ways to store US$1,000,000 in things like wheat (190,000 bushels), jerky (27 tons), and plutonium (1.3 inch sphere).

I gotta say, this is stuff that strikes my fancy and I'm going to have to do a little more exploring on his blog.

Oh, and if you're still curious, the farthest away you can get from one of the 13,000+ McDonald's in the continental United States is a little spot - what von Worley calls the McFarthest Spot - somewhere between Meadow and Glad Valley, South Dakota, a full 107 miles away from the nearest McDonald's (as the crow flies, but 145 miles away by car).

Weather Sealed (via Yahoo News Canada)

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