Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hot Sauce Attack in Bremen

Yes, the same Bremen the Grimm's musicians were heading for in the folktale, but apparently this time there was more than one donkey.

An altercation broke out at a food stand in the Bremen train station last night. A 23 year old customer asked for a napkin, but the 25 year old vendor didn't give him one (at least not quickly enough), so the customer wiped his hands on the stand. The vendor then threw a large serving spoon full of hot sauce in the customer's face, ran out of the stand and had a heated discussion about food etiquette with the customer, whose eyes were now irritated and bloodshot from the spiciness of the sauce.

The pissing contest was brought to an end by police, and a sample of the sauce was taken as evidence. Both men may be charged for the altercation, with the severity of charges against the vendor to be determined after the police assess whether this was a normal hot sauce attack, or if the spiciness of the sauce rose to the level of grievous bodily harm.

Weser Kurier (photo)
Die Welt
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